Review: Silesian Station, Book Two by David Downing

Title: Silesian Station
Author: David Downing
Publisher: Soho Crime Press May 1, 2008
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Nazi Germany, Germany, World War II, Soviet Union, Communism, Socialism, Holocaust, Espionage, Spy, Historical Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult
Pages: 320
Rating: 4 Stars

Book Two in the John Russell Series

Berlin 1939. John Russell and his 12 year old son Paul have just returned from a trip to America. Paul has been exposed and indoctrinated to Hitler's Jungvolk, his trip to America was an eye-opening experience and he came home with different feelings about his Germany. John has now been approached by a Nazi Party spokesperson that wants him to engage in spying. In Silesian Station, John has perilous meetings with unsavory people. Each opposing side are looking for people who are willing to take a risk in giving them information. John fears arrest. He fears for his family. He fears for Effi. He knows that he should leave Germany, but is torn.

My Thoughts:
The series is building with several elements:
  1. Each opposing side: Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, America, Great Britain---desperately need information on what the other side is planning. It is a serious game of gaining information with the hopes of outsmarting the other. 
  2. John Russell is being approached by all parties wanting him to work for them.
  3. John and Effi want to fight the Nazi pogrom, but how to do it most affectively. 
  4. Jewish people are terrified of what the future holds. Should they escape, but how? Should they hide, but where? Should their family split up in order to survive in smaller numbers?
  5. Nazi Germany's past speeches and promises are showing to be a lie, all a lie. The invasions begin. The carefully laid plans begin.
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Post war Berlin


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