Review: Stettin Station, Book Three by David Downing

Book #3 in the John Russell Series
Title: Stettin Station
Author: David Downing
Publisher: Soho Crime Press May 1, 2010
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Nazi Germany, Germany, World War II, Soviet Union, Communism, Socialism, Espionage, Spy, Holocaust, Historical Fiction
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult
Pages: 320
Rating: 4 stars

It is late 1941, Berlin. America has not yet entered into war with Germany. John Russell as an American citizen knows he must leave Germany, but he does not want to leave his son Paul, nor his girlfriend Effi. The clock is ticking and it is the 11th hour. The Gestapo pogrom has heightened. Their rampage and abuse continue, trains leave Berlin with Jew's headed to concentration camp's. Berlin citizens begin to feel the sting of their country at war because household supplies have become harder to find. Anxiety about how long the war will continue is on everyone's mind.

My Thoughts:
All throughout Stettin Station I can feel the tension and fear leap off the pages. This feeling made for a page-turning story!
I have become very involved with the characters of John Russell and his girlfriend Effi Koenen.
I've not mentioned much about Effi so far, so in this review I'll focus the attention on her character.
  • She is a character that evolves, grows, becomes stronger. She is not a character that becomes mean or vengeful. She becomes savvy and resilient.
  • She is a selfless person. She never comes between John and his son Paul. She loves John enough to give him freedom to be with his son, even if it means he will be gone for lengthy periods of time.
  • She is a lovely person, she is an actress. People remark on her beauty or stardom, yet she is humble. 
  • She is approaching middle age, but she does not feel sorry for herself, she is accepting. 
  • She loves John without regard for her own safety. 
  • She states her feelings and opinions without trying to control John's decisions.
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