Review: Treason at Lisson Grove, A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel by Anne Perry

Title: Treason At Lisson Grove, A Charlotte and Thomas Pitt Novel
Author: Anne Perry
Publisher: Ballantine Books 2011
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Detective, England, Ireland, Mystery, Victorian Period
Age: Adult
Pages: 336
Rating: 2 Stars

This is the first book written by Anne Perry that I've read.
Have you read her biography? Her life is just unreal! Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

While Special Branch detective Thomas Pitt, is away on a trip to France. His wife Charlotte, back in London, becomes involved in trying to solve a case with his boss Victor Narraway. Charlotte, and Victor Narraway, travel to Dublin Ireland, hoping to unravel a plot framing Narraway. Meanwhile, Charlotte looses her domestic help at home, she hurries to find a replacement before leaving London. Thomas and Charlotte have two children: Jemima, and Daniel.

My Thoughts:
This is a quick read. It was okay. I found most of the story to be predictable. It is a light-read. Pure escapism.
I'm at a loss for further thoughts.

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