Review: The Rockin' Chair, Family is the Foundation For Everything by Steven Manchester

Title: The Rockin' Chair, Family is the Foundation For Everything
Author: Steven Manchester
Publisher: The Story Plant June 18, 2013
Genre: Fiction
Labels: Family Saga, Family Dysfunction
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 272
Rating: 5 Stars

Grandpa John, or John McCarthy, has been caring for his wife Alice in their home. She has advanced Alzheimer's. When she takes a turn for the worst, Grandpa John calls his family home. For Grandpa John family is the most important thing. He hopes that while his family is home they will face the turmoil in their lives. The Montana ranch that Grandpa has worked hard to pass on to his family is empty without Alice. Everywhere he looks there are memories of her and their family. From Grandpa John's point of view, which is in the later part of life, life is precious and nothing is more important than family.

My Thoughts:
I loved this book! It is a beautiful powerful story! 
By the end of the book I was emotional.
Why I gave this book 5 stars:
  • Loving transparent portrayal of a family. 
  • The story touches on several factors of dysfunction and illness. 
  • This is a heart-warming story of an imperfect family that I identified with. 
  • This is a story of hope. 
  • The author has a talent for snatching the reader and holding hostage. I could not put the book down once I'd began reading it. 
  • Even though many of the characters were going through painful life events, I felt uplifted by their stories. The emphasis is on the love of family, the hope for a better tomorrow, and not on the turmoil of today. 
Some of my favorite quotes:
"There was much thinking to do and, whenever thinking was involved, the old man did it in his chair." page 15
"She fought with the strength of a mother's love." page 200
"Stop your worryin'. There ain't no need for it. Besides, worryin's like sittin' in a rockin chair. It gives you somethin' to do but it don't accomplish a whole lot." page 254
Thank you to Steven Manchester and The Story Plant for my FREE review copy!

Steven Manchester

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