Book Blogger Hop, Week of August 2nd-8th, 2013

Today's question of the week is from Elizabeth at Silver's Reviews.
"How do you turn down a review request?"
My response is no thank you.
I guess that's simple enough?
Almost everyday I am contacted about book reviews. I have two blogs and I review nearly every type of book. I hear from publishers, publicists, authors, including first time authors that have independent published books.
At this time I am scheduled through September for reviews. I also have books of my own I want to read and review.
When I am contacted I read more about the book over at Amazon, including any reviews that have been written. Most of the time I get a "better" idea about the book, then the information given to me by the author or publisher in the solicitation email.
There have been a few times when I've said yes about reviewing a book on the premise that the information that was given to me about it would be a book I'm interested in; instead the book was not at all what the synopsis declared and as a result I gave the book a negative review.
What I dislike is when I say yes to review a book, then do not receive a response, the book shows up at my door courtesy of the postal service and I was not expecting it. Further, after I write a review I send a link of my post to the person who contacted me about doing the review and they do not respond. That really gets on my last nerve.


  1. I feel the same about no response back. If I take the time to read and write a review, the least the author/publisher can do is to comment on my post.

    I've gotten quite a few books that I never even requested and I don't feel obligated to review the book then. If it's from someone I haven't been in contact with with before, it makes me wonder how they know my address.

  2. I always send a link to the review on my blog. I usually have positive interaction with authors whether it is a negative or positive response to their request.

    Declining is tricky, but it can be done graciously as I have seen from many answers today including mine. :)

    Stop by for my full answer if you like.

    Happy Hopping!!

    Silver's Reviews
    My Blog Hop Answer

  3. In response to Vicki's comment, having a book show up unexpectedly is kind of creepy...I have never gotten a non-response back from a person who has asked me to review a book for them, thankfully. *knocks on wood* Wow, props to you for having two blogs!

    New follower!

    I hope to see you around the blogosphere,


  4. I agree that having a book show up unexpectedly is annoying. I can't remember that ever happening to me, though. Also, not getting any response from an author who requested a review, after you've sent them the link for your review, is not only annoying, but also not courteous.

    I made a rather unpleasant discovery once, with one of my reviews. The author whose book I reviewed had posted my review on a site named "Author's Den", WITHOUT crediting me, and WITHOUT my permission! Now that really ticked me off! When I discovered this, I sent the author in question a very polite, but very firm, email. I informed this author that I had no problem with them using my review, as long as they credited me as the writer of said review. I also stated that I would have appreciated getting an email request for my permission. The author promptly took the review down, and apoligized for having done this. There were other uncredited reviews of this writer's book on the site, as well, by the way. What this person did was to simply copy and paste reviews from Amazon, under the heading, "Professional Reviews". NONE of the reviews were credited, either.

    Needless to say, I will NEVER review a book for this writer again!! Nor will I promote their work thorugh interviews, spotlights, guest posts, or giveaways!!

    Whew! It feels GREAT getting this off my chest! I've been fuming about it -- off and on -- for months now.....

    Thanks for 'listening'!! I sure hope you NEVER have this problem yourself. Be forewarned, though. Happy Hopping!! : )

  5. Thank you everyone for stopping by and leaving a comment. I think we all agree that reading/reviewing a book is hard work and a team effort.


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