[Review] The Time Traveler's Guide To Medieval England, A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century by Ian Mortimer

Title: The Time Traveler's Guide To Medieval England, A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century
Author: Ian Mortimer
Publisher: Touchstone, A division of Simon and Schuster, Inc., (October 25, 2011)
Genre: Non-fiction
Theme: An intimate history of Medieval England.
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 352
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Self-purchase

"As soon as you start to think of the past happening (as opposed to it having happened), a new way of conceiving history becomes possible."
Ian Mortimer has written a brilliant book on the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages cover a vast amount of centuries, 4th through 14th. No one book could cover all of them. Mortimer focus's on the 1300s or 14th century.
Examples of chapters are:
  • What to Wear
  • Traveling
  • What to Eat and Drink
  • Health and Hygiene
  • The Law
My Thoughts:
I love this book! Mortimer has written a book that is both knowledgeable and entertaining. Several times I laughed out loud at his wit. I read it cover to cover in two days. I plan to purchase another book he's written A Time Traveler's Guide to Elizabethan England. 

Reasons for giving this book a 5 star review.
  • The author "takes" me there. The 14th century came alive for me. It was not a tour of fluff, but of the reality of what life was like.
  • Well-rounded approach in covering general areas of interest about this time period, for example: how people earned a living, what they ate, how they dressed, what their homes looked like, prostitution, lifespan of men and women, average size, violence of society, superstition, diseases, the Church, and the law. 
  • Mortimer makes learning history fun.
  • Mortimer does not interject political spin or diatribe. 
  • Thirty-eight color illustrations, including maps.
  • In the past I have looked at people from an earlier era as if they'd "lived on another planet." I now realize that although science and technology have advanced us, we are still just people, living and working and caring for our families. Someday in the future people may look back on our age and find us an amusing historical anomaly.
Ian Mortimer website
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  1. Great review! This book made me want to read more about this time period!

  2. Thanks Becky. I read another book on the Middle Ages that I did not like as much. Will be reviewing it this week. Thanks for stopping by to comment.


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