[Review] Royal Babies: A History 1066-2013 by Amy Licence

Title: Royal Babies: A History 1066-2013
Author: Amy Licence
Publisher: Amberley August 1, 2013
Genre: Non-fiction, Kings and Queens of England, Royalty.
Theme: History of children born to kings and queens of England.
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult
Pages: 208, 40 color illustrations.
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Free copy from Amberley Publishing for the purpose of review.

I read this book in ONE day, I could not put it down. 
Edward VI, painted 1539 by Holbein.
Beginning with Matilda in 1102 and ending with baby Windsor born July 2013, a total of twenty-four chapters are given with brief biographies on children born to royal families. Included is information on history of midwifery, illegitimate children, fertility, attire to wear while pregnant, superstitions, delivery, cesarean section, miscarriage, wet nurses, herbs used in midwifery.

My Thoughts and reasons for giving this book 5 stars:
  • I found each chapter to be refreshing and solid in its approach to historical characters I knew and some I did not. 
  • I gleaned new information, for example: I was under the impression (from other books I'd read) that Arthur, son of Henry VII, was an unhealthy child. Amy Licence brought forth Arthur was in good health until shortly before he died. I had also been under the impression Jane (Henry VIII's 4th wife) died shortly after giving birth to Edward. Jane was alive and present at his christening. She died a few days after the christening from a "post-partum hemorrhage". 
  • I'm happy that a book was written with the subject of pregnancy, labor, babies. In the past I'd read books where this information was given in a sentence or paragraph as apart of the broader look at a historical figure. 
  • Each chapter is brief, but did not feel rushed.
  • I feel this book is an excellent choice for anyone who loves British history and royalty. 
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