[Review] Royal Sex: The scandolous love lives of the British Royal Family by Roger Powell

Title: Royal Sex: The scandalous love lives of the British Royal Family
Author: Roger Powell
Publisher: Amberley August 2013
Genre: Non-fiction, history, royalty.
Theme: Relationships in and out of marriage with British royalty.
Format: Paperback
Age: Adult
Pages: 304, with 27 illustrations.
Rating: 3 1/2 Stars
Source: Free copy from Amberley Publishing for purpose of review.

Beginning with Henry VIII through Prince William and Prince Harry, author Roger Powell has written an interesting book on the relationships of British royalty. Some of these relationships led to marriage and some of them were extra-marital exploits. Powell brings to light certain key families in England, and throughout several generations, provided mistresses to kings. 

My Thoughts:
The book begins by sharing from the life of Henry VIII. I was familiar with the women he had bedded. I was familiar with the women he married. I was familiar with the illegitimate children he produced. I did not feel I learned anything new on his life. Included in this chapter is Henry's sister Mary, Mary and Anne Boleyn, Elizabeth Blount, Lady Carew.
The chapter on "The Jacobean Period" gave lengthy information about James 1 being gay. From what I've read from other authors and historians this point is a guess, based on his physical displays of affection and lavish money spent on male "friends". Maybe he was and maybe he was not. He did marry and have children. Being gay, if he was, did not affect his ability to have sex with his wife several times and sire children.
"The Stuart Period" covered the years of Charles I and Charles II. Charles II had several mistresses. He sired several illegitimate children.
The next chapters cover the Hanoverian Period, Edwardian Period, House of Windsor". "The House of Windsor" told the stories of Charles and Diana, Charles and Camilla, William and Katherine.

How do I feel about this book?
  • I did not care for the lengthy list of who slept with whom and whom their lineage was. I felt winded and lost at times with the information given. 
  • The print I felt was too small. 
  • I felt saddened by their lifestyle. It seemed to me that most never were fulfilled with a faithful and committed love. They were searching for fulfillment in the ecstasy that was required to pamper their fetish, or cover up the vacuum in their heart.
  • I did not appreciate the tone or comment from the author, "Are we perhaps witnessing another stage in the dumbing down of the monarchy?" Page 241. This comment was made in reference to Prince William and Prince Harry's choice in women.
What I found interesting?
  • Several families throughout the generations sired daughters that slept with kings. The authors research and knowledge of lineages fascinated and impressed me. 
  • I'd known little about "The Stuart Period" now I am familiar with them.
  • Contraception in the 1600s.
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