[Review] A Christmas Home by Greg Kincaid

Title: A Christmas Home
Author: Greg Kincaid
Publisher: Crown Publishers 2012
Genre: Fiction
Theme: A pet shelter works to find homes for its pets during the Christmas season.
Format: Hardcover
Age: Adult, or young adult
Pages: 227
Rating: 3 Stars
Source: Self-purchase

Todd McCray, age twenty-four, and the hero from book one A Dog Named Christmas, is the main character in A Christmas Home. The local city animal shelter is closing due to insufficient city revenue. Todd and his friend Laura (who is a volunteer at the shelter) work to find homes for the dogs. Todd and Laura will both need to find new jobs. Both of them have disabilities. They've worked hard to become independent.

A Christmas Home is a feel good, Christmas, animal story. If you are looking for a short Christmas story and you love animals this is a good choice.
Both Todd and Laura have disabilities. His parents have tried to help, yet allowing him to become more independent. In this story his independence will cause his parents angst.