[Review] Through The Withering Storm: A Brief History of Mental Illness (Volume One) by Leif Gregersen

Title: Through The Withering Storm
Author: Leif Gregersen
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, November 2, 2012
Genre: Non-fiction, mental health
Theme: Young man coming to terms with his mental illness.
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1480205345
Age: Adult
Pages: 186
Rating: 4 Stars
Source: Free copy from author and Pump Up Your Book publicity.
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Leif Gregersen has written a transparent memoir of his decent into manic-depression or bi-polar. His story begins at age thirteen. This was on the cusp just before symptoms appeared. The innocence and naivete of childhood was left behind, followed by several years of out of control chaos and trouble.
Leif describes the symptoms that plagued him and yet he ignored. He expresses the torment of what his family and friends went through in watching him. It's common for people with bi-polar to not want to take their medication, Leif was similar. It would be many years before he accepted his diagnosis and a new life controlled by medicine.
Leif Gregersen was born and raised in St. Albert, Alberta, Canada. Leif felt like a "misfit, a nerd", with encouragement from his mother he joined Air Cadets. This made him feel better about himself, yet it was short lived, the discipline of Air Cadets could not stop bi-polar.

Through The Withering Storm is a self-published book. I had to look past the need for editing and focus on its content. The substance and strength of Leif's book is how bi-polar has affected and is apart of his life. I was amazed at the perseverance of Leif, against the odds of the disease, he struggled on and has been successful. Acceptance is a hard word to swallow. The long arduous journey to get to the point of acceptance was similar to climbing a tall mountain peak. I'm proud of Leif. I'm especially proud that he shared his story in hopes of helping someone else.

Quotes from the book:
"Clothes were a warm and protective womb that I didn't want to leave." 
"Running down someone to deflect the focus from my own increasing flaws."

Author made Video, 9:43 minutes.