2014 Reading Challenges

I love reading challenges! I've spent the past few days browsing the Internet looking for 2014 reading challenges. A few I've chosen will be new for me in 2014.
The Chunkster Challenge, Back To The Classics Challenge, The Classics ClubThe European Reading Challenge, are not new.

New Challenges for 2014: 
Arthurian Literature Reading Challenge goal is Page-2 works, one of which may be Recent.
Russian Literature Challenge  goal is Level One 1-3 books,
Shakespeare Reading Challenge  goal is 1-4 Occasional Theatre-Goer.


Challenges not new and I'll take part again in 2014:
Chunkster Challenge-This year the challenge is set up differently, no defined beginning goal, just read chunkster books! In the past we were to establish certain goals for reading greater than 450 pages, or greater than 750 pages--this has changed to reading chunkster size books period. What a relief this is!
Back To The Classics Challenge-Visit the website to see a complete list of goals to be met.
The Classics Club-Goal of 50 classic books in 5 years. So far I've read 22.
The European Reading Challenge-My goal is Four Star (Honeymooner): Read four qualifying books.
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  1. Welcome back to the European Reading Challenge for 2014!

    And have fun with your other challenges. I'm in for the Chunkster again this year too. I'll go investigate some of the others. Happy reading!

  2. Thanks for signing up for the Back to the Classics Challenge! I look forward to reading your posts.

  3. The Chunkster Challenge is new to me, too. I'm looking forward to it! I think I'll start with London by Edward Rutherfurd.

    Joy's Book Blog


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