[Review] Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare

I read Troilus and Cressida out of Volume II The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, The Programmed Classics. I'm not able to find the book online in order to post it's photo, nor to give you the link for the book. This book was bought by me several years ago at an estate sale.

Title: Troilus and Cressida
Author: William Shakespeare
Genre: Fiction, Drama, Play, Tragedy, The Classics Club, Shakespeare Reading Challenge 2014
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 4 1/2 Stars
Source: Self-purchased.
Troilus and Cressida is the second tragedy read this year for the Shakespeare Reading Challenge.
Troilus and Cressida is a tragedy, drama, play, written by William Shakespeare in about 1603.
King Priam of Troy had six sons: Hector, Troilus, Paris, Deiphobus, Helenus, Margarelon (illegitimate).
King Priam had a prophetess daughter named Cassandra.
The story takes place during the Greek/Trojan war. Maybe you remember Paris and Helen, Menelaus's wife, they had an affair and Paris brought her back to Troy. Menelaus and his brother the Grecian general Agamemnon, brought their army to Troy and invoked revenge. Paris and Helen's love affair created a war and cost lives. Achilles and Ulysses (his Greek name is Odysseus) are Greek Princes who have major parts in the story. Troilus and Cressida fall in love, he refers to her as "a fair beauty." Shakespeare's tragedy forewarns the reader all will not end well for the couple.
In Othello the play is entirely about the story between Othello and his wife and the men who are his officers. Troilus and Cressida's story is more of a side story of the Greek and Trojan War. The war itself and the principal players are the main points.

I was drawn to this story because I'm currently reading The Oracles of Troy Book One by Glyn Iliffe.
Last year I read The Odyssey by Homer. I have a new interest in Greek Mythology. Iliad is on my to be read list for 2014.
I enjoyed reading Troilus and Cressida more than Othello. Probably because of my interest in Greek Mythology.
Most of the male characters are warriors, they understand war and sacrifice. Their language and tone is rough and at times crude.
Paris is the kings son, yet he made a blunder in bringing Helen back to Troy. Hector asks his father King Priam, if they should send Helen back. It is heartbreaking (for me) to see death occur because of peoples inept ability to foresee their consequences. I'm aware this is a fiction story, but things like this do happen in real life, well maybe not a war, but strong consequences happen.

Favorite quotes: 

"Is she worth keeping? why, she is a pearl, Whose price hath launch'd above a thousand ships, And turn'd crown'd kings to merchants." Act II, Hector's quote. 

"O heavens, what some men do, While some men leave to do!" Act III, Ulysses quote. 

"My mind is troubled, like a fountain stirr'd. And I myself see not the bottom of it." Act IV, Achilles quote.