War Through The Generations: 2014 Reading Challenge With a Twist

War Through the Generations 2014 Reading Challenge is a bit different this year. In the past one full year was devoted to one war. This year multiple wars are divided up, two-months for each war, total of six wars.

Link for rules, more information:

Reading schedule for 2014:
  • Jan./Feb.: Gulf Wars (Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm and Iraq War/Operation Iraqi Freedom)
  • March/April: French and Indian War
  • May/June: Korean War
  • July/August: WWI (100th Anniversary)
  • Sept./Oct.: WWII
  • Nov./Dec.: Vietnam War
Participation levels:

Level of Participation:
  • Dip Your Toes: Read 1 book for any war
  • Novice: Read 1 book per war throughout the year for a total of 6 books on 6 different wars
  • Intermediate: Read 2+ books for 1 war, and 1 book for each of the others for a total of 7 books
  • Expert: Read 2+ books for each war for a total of 12 books

I'm committing to Dip Your Toes. Some of the wars I don't want to read. My eldest son was in the Iraq War/Operation Iraqi Freedom. I'm not ready, may never be ready, to read about this war.
In Sept/Oct WWII is the theme and I plan to read more than one book.
In July/August WWI is the theme and I'll read more than one book.
The French and Indian War scheduled for March/April intrigues me, I may take part in reading about this period.

Many thanks to Serena and Anna for hosting this reading challenge.


  1. Thanks for joining us! I added your post to the linky on the sign up page. Also, you don't have to read on a particular war during the assigned months, unless you want to. You can read them anytime, and just come and add your reviews to the linkies whenever. I plan on reading at least one book for each war, but I'll definitely be reading a lot of WWI and WWII.


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