[Review] Fagin's Boy by Christina E. Pilz

Title: Fagin's Boy
Author: Christina E. Pilz
Publisher: Blue Rain Press January 1, 2014
ISBN-10: 0989727300
Genre: Fiction, Oliver Twist, England, Victorian England, 
Format: Paperback
Pages: 624
Rating: 2 Stars for Okay
Source: Free copy from Christina E. Pilz, Blue Rain Press, and Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, in exchange for a review. 

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When Fagin's Boy begins Oliver Twist is 17. His Uncle Brownlow has recently died and the man in charge of Oliver has never liked him from the beginning, the staunch Mr. Grimwig. Oliver is given an opportunity to work as an apprentice in a haberdashery shop. As the story progresses, Oliver is haunted by his early childhood, the poverty, loneliness, and rejection, is a heavy baggage he carries. Bitterness will arise from a place he did not know existed and rear it monstrous demon.

My Thoughts:
I want to first state that I am a big fan of Charles Dickens. I have read the following books by him: 
Bleak House, Hard Times, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield, Great Expectations, A Christmas Carol, and Oliver Twist. I have other books by Charles Dickens sitting on my book shelf, but have not read them yet.

For a Charles Dickens fan it would be difficult to accept "radical change" in the make-up of the main characters. In addition, to embrace a modern twist to the Victorian era (in which Charles Dickens wrote) in its culture, society, and image, is also difficult.
Most of Fagin's Boy I loved, and thought the author had accomplished a very good modern version and part two, to the Oliver Twist story. In the last part of the book Oliver took a nose dive off a short pier into the murky waters of homosexuality and murder. I've noticed in other reviews this last sentence has not been pointed out. For some readers this is not a problem to read these elements in a book, but for many of my readers they would "definitely" want to be forewarned. Some of my readers are home school moms and this book I do not recommend as a follow-up to Oliver Twist. Fagin's Boy is an adult book, it should be labeled as such.

Oliver Twist in Fagin's Boy (for most of the book) is a tender, innocent, naive, ashamed of his past, people pleaser; and these character traits remind me a bit of Oliver in Charles Dickens novel. On the other hand, his traits make him a target for hoodlums.
Several times I was moved by the author's beautiful prose, for example:
1. "If it were true that time flew on wings toward only horrible destinations, the reverse was also true it dragged itself on broken legs toward a good one. Oliver knew that his good destination was waiting for him simply because he felt like it would never come. It seemed out of reach, like a blue sky, and him in a place of limbo, never moving forward, never arriving." page 77
2. "If he could cover himself to the light, then he could cover himself to the memories and hold them at bay." page 155

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Being a writer is not just what I do, it’s who I am. Even if everything else in the day turns sour, if I have written, then it’s still a pretty good day.
I decided I wanted to be a writer when my fourth grade teacher (Mrs. Harr) gave me a good grade on a creative writing story I’d written. And not only that, she added “I like your ending,” along with a smiley face. At that point, I was off and running. I’ve been writing and making up stories ever since.
I live in Colorado. I’ve tried to live elsewhere, but it’s always too far from my family, so I returned for good some time ago. Colorado is a brilliant location to live in as it’s not very far from either coast, and the local international airport is only an hour away.
Right beside my writing desk, I have a green arm chair and ottoman that I call The Vortex. There are two reasons I call it that. The first is that it’s always trying to suck me in and sit down and do nothing but think and read and stare at the sunlight and shadows as they dapple the walls and ceiling. The second is that once I sit down in the thing, it’s almost impossible to get up, as The Vortex keeps sucking me in.
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