Noon Update for Dewey's 24 Hour Read-a-Thon

I began reading at 0800 this morning. I had a tough night and did not sleep well. Both my neck and lower back hurt. I have disc-degeneration with bone spurs at C 5, 6, 7 and L 5. I used an ice pack for a couple of hours between 0400 and 0600, it helped.
Between 0800 and 0930 I read 100 pages from Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth. I'd already read the first 200 pages, there is a total of 450. I'm determined to finish this book today!
Between 1100 and noon I read 75 pages, plus prepared this post.
The next book I'll read is Women Wartime Spies by Ann Kramer. I bought the book at Barnes and Nobles last weekend, it was on sale for $6.98. The book has 171 pages, should easily be read today.
A National Geographic magazine special, Inside The Medieval World is next on my list of reads today. There are 128 pages in this magazine, which is more like a book.
I took a break from 0930 until 1045 in order to pick up prescriptions at Kroger's, plus do a bit of grocery shopping. I bought 2 donuts and ate them at home, they were both disgusting, and regret wasting my money and taste buds.
I had 2 cups of tea this morning, usually I have 3 or 4, but I'd slept in a bit and no time for more.
The weather is breezy, sunny, clear skies. Tonight and tomorrow is predicted to be stormy.

The photograph is my morning reading spot, and where most of the time I read, it's my office/library. Notice the book shelf on the right side, my dad made this shelf when he was 14, in 1936, it is made from Western Red Cedar.
The photograph is one of my bookshelves. It's two layers of books on each shelf.

I'll post another update at 1800 which is 6 pm.


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad night. :( But your reading spot looks cozy and it sounds like you have some great books lined up, so happy reading! :) #TeamHughes

  2. Thanks for sharing pictures! It makes it even more fun to cheer! Have a great readathon and see you at 6!

  3. Your reading spot looks cozy! I'm sorry to hear those donuts were a disappointment. Generally it's hard to find a disappointing donut, how unfortunate! Anyhow, I hope you find a tastier snack and enjoy the rest of your Readathon. Keep up the great reading! =D #TeamRogue

  4. Oooh, sort of wish we had stormy weather. Perfect for reading. Hope you feel better and enjoy the rest of the readathon.

    Team Hughes

  5. The Sandra Worth book looks very interesting! You'll have to let me know how you like it!

  6. You’ve got your books,
    You’ve got your snacks.
    Now you can read and just relax!

    Happy Readathon! You’re doing great! The Women Wartime Spies book looks incredible!


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