Armchair BEA, Friday, May 30, 2014, Topic of Choice/Negative Aspects
"Today is the day to talk about something that you feel we have missed or that you want to spend a little extra time chatting about. Ideas include, but are not limited to: a genre that does not fit into those featured earlier this week; logistics, such as blogging resources, procedures, or advice; or something completely fun with book to movie adaptations or favorite blogging games, features, memes, events, and/or activities. It's your freebie day to choose what you like!"

Negative Aspects of Blogging/Book Reviewing. 

Internet Troll-They're obnoxious rebel rousers who enjoy stirring up trouble in comment sections or discussion boards. As a blogger/book reviewer, if you've not encountered one yet, it will happen. 
What to do? 
1. Ignore. They want attention in order stir up strife, and to elevate themselves by trying to take you down a notch. 
2. Don't take it personally. 

Nitpickers-They're the people who leave comments telling you about a misspelled word, incorrect historical data, or something else that at first places you on the defense. 
Repeat after me, "I am imperfect", then correct the error and get over it. 

Why does my blog not look as good, or popular, or famous, as other blogs? 
Sometimes blogging can be like when we buy a new bathing suit and we think after we try it on we look really great. Then we go to the beach and compare ourselves to the other girls, and we feel like covering up with a big beach towel. 
Stop focusing on trying to be like everyone else. We all have our niche, talents and abilities, likes and dislikes. 
Blogging/book reviewing should not be a popularity contest, unless we make it so. It's not about being a member of the popular club in school so we'll be cool. Blogging/Book reviewing is a work of reading, self-education, fulfillment, intellectual stimulation, social networking, and most of all joy


  1. Good advice! There are downsides to everything -- it's good to know what they are so we can steer around them.

    Joy's Book Blog

  2. I have found a troll yet in book blogging world (plenty of other places), but I've experienced everything else, including people who act like my typos are the end of the world. Great advice all the way around.

    You could have mentioned spammers and the need for word verification, too. I've resisted, but I'm about to need to turn it on.

  3. Ha ha!! I encountered some ACBEA trolls. Love the troll image. :)

  4. These are all really good tips! I have encountered all of these problems. :-)

    --Brenda @DailyMayo


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