Armchair BEA, Friday, May 30, 2014, Topic of Choice/Positive Aspects
"Today is the day to talk about something that you feel we have missed or that you want to spend a little extra time chatting about. Ideas include, but are not limited to: a genre that does not fit into those featured earlier this week; logistics, such as blogging resources, procedures, or advice; or something completely fun with book to movie adaptations or favorite blogging games, features, memes, events, and/or activities. It's your freebie day to choose what you like!"

Positive Aspects of Blogging/Book Reviewing:
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Interesting people you meet: fellow bloggers, readers, authors, publishers, publicists, students, accidental tourists. 
You meet people of all: ages, genders, races, religions, cultures, ideologies; and those who are "out-there" as yet unnamed, nor do they want a category. 
All of us brought together by a passionate love for books and reading and even book smelling. 

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The places you'll go: Armchair traveling through the books you read or the books other people read. When we share our treasured reads we are opening a door to another world, one in which we may never visit in person, or experience, but through it's characters we can share in what they reveal to us about their life and era. 
Thus we can empathize with their troubles, we can learn from their mistakes, and we can broaden our mind to value human life in all its complexities. 

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Our brains grow bigger: A vanguard reason of reading for me is to broaden my scope of people and life, as well as to dissect its characters (in a nice way). In brief, I want my brain to grow bigger, taller, and more cells regenerating (I'm being melodramatic).
A life without books or reading is dismal and dark. 
I've never understood a person who does not like to read. It is perplexing. Tragic.


  1. Yep. And these positives far outweigh the negatives.

  2. Ha! Glad you went on to list the positives, too. These are great!

    Joy's Book Blog

  3. Love this! I learn so much through books, about life, places, people. Armchair traveling, indeed!

  4. I do not understand, for the life of me, why anyone wouldn't want to read! It takes you away from daily life better than any other distraction!

    Have you been to BEA? I've gone every year for the past five and it's a great time!

  5. No, I've not been to BEA, would love to go. I don't understand why people do not like to read either, but most of my family does not. Most of my family and friends "don't get me". They are completely shocked and intimidated by my reading. So I have gotten to the point where I just don't talk to them about my reading and reviewing. Thanks for leaving a comment. Thank you to all of you for leaving comments!


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