Dickens Our Mutual Friend Reading Project

Dickens Our Mutual Friend Reading Project
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The goal of the reading project is to read Our Mutual Friend, in monthly installments, reading only 32 pages (or more) per month, just as the story was originally published. A digital version of the original is available to read: Our Mutual Friend. The reading project began on May 1st and will end November 2015.
I'm reading Our Mutual Friend from the Oxford World's Classics paperback.
Reading in small bites will be a challenge for this speed reading demon. I usually have a goal of reading at least 100 pages per sitting, then another 100 the next day, and so on.
After reading the first 32 pages I've been reminded of something, when I read a Charles Dickens book my body relaxes and a pleasant smile curves my lips. But, Charles Dickens stories are serious business for me, relaxing and enjoyable, but serious.
The first thing I noticed in the opening pages, is Dickens draws in the couple rowing in the boat, as if he is a cinema-photographer bringing the lens in a little closer with each sentence. At first they appear blurry, but finally we're given the view of body language and facial expression, and what had not been made clear, is now perfectly clear.
I'll post another update in early June.