[Review] Pale Rose of England by Sandra Worth

Title: Pale Rose of England
Author: Sandra Worth
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group February 1, 2011
Genre: Historical Fiction, Tudor History, Henry VII, Perkin Warbeck, Richard Perkin, Lady Catherine Gordon, Richard Plantagenet, England, House of York, House of Tudor, House of Lancaster, British History Reading Challenge 2014
Format: Paperback
Pages: 468
Rating: 5 Stars
Source: Self-purchase

When Pale Rose of England begins, Lady Catherine Gordon, and (whom she thought him to be) Richard Plantagenet, have arrived at St. Michael's Mount (in the far southwest corner of England). They have a young son named Dickon, and Catherine is pregnant. Their arrival in England marks the beginning of a tumultuous quest for Richard to gain the throne of England. Richard believes himself to be the son of Edward IV, one of the two brothers which was placed in the Tower by their uncle Richard III. Henry VII, is King of England, but Richard hopes to win the English throne because he is the "true" and legitimate heir.
But, Richard has more dream than valid chance against the formidable Henry.

My Thoughts:
I'm not sure what to think, if Richard was in fact who he claimed to be, or a pretender. Unless DNA is performed, we may never know.
As for the story itself:
The love story between Catherine and Richard is beautiful and haunting, it's beyond a temporary moonlight and roses type scenario. Their relationship was faithful, selfless, sacrificing, and passionate.
Catherine's famous beauty is often remarked on, but her beauty was more than an outward appearance, she was a woman of grace.
Henry VII's character is not likable. He is the villain in the story.
Pale Rose of England provokes emotion, whether it is the intense dislike of Henry VII, or empathy for Catherine and Richard, the story rarely left me with a moment of pause.

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Photographs of St. Michael's Mount.