Review: The Prodigal Son (The Graham Saga, Book 3) by Anna Belfrage

Publisher: Matador/Troubador Publishing, 2013. The book is currently published by SilverWood.
Genre: Historical Fiction, Scotland, Charles II, 17th Century.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 390.
Rating: 4 Stars for very good.
Source: I won a free copy from The Review Group in December 2013.
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The series is available at Amazon:
The Graham Saga
A Rip in the Veil Book 1
Like Chaff in the Wind Book 2
The Prodigal Son Book 3
A Newfound Land Book 4
Serpents in the Garden Book 5
Revenge and Retribution Book 6
Whither Thou Goest Book 7---will be released in November.

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In the third Graham Saga book, Matthew Graham has recently returned to the lowlands of Scotland, from the British colony in North America, Virginia. Matthew and his time-traveling wife Alexandra have several children. Matthew has a son from a previous marriage named Ian. Charles II (1630-1685) has enforced loyalty to the Church of England. Matthew and his kinsman are loyal to their Presbyterian ministers.
The Prodigal Son exemplifies loyalty and passion, both for their beloved homeland of Scotland, and in Matthew and Alex's marriage and family.

My Thoughts:
The Prodigal Son is the only book in the series I've read. I don't think The Prodigal Son can be fully understood, especially in reference to Alex's time-travel and Matthew's detour in Virginia, unless the previous books have been read. I'm curious how Matthew and Alex's relationship began. I'm curious of the relationship Matthew had with Ian's mother. I'm curious of when the hatred and animosity between Matthew and his brother Luke began. References to each of these are given in The Prodigal Son, but I want a full story. I'm planning to read all of the books in the series.
The relationship between Matthew and Alex is passionate. Their steamy relationship keeps Alex pregnant through a majority of the pages in the story. It is hard for me to believe she had the energy it took to care for several children, clean and cook for a large family (no modern conveniences), and have the desire for sex. The chemistry and love between Matthew and Alex intoxicates them, and they are swept away from the hardship of life. It is their love and loyalty to each other that led me to love this story and rate it four stars.
Alex is from the year 2002, she is bold in speech and freely shares her mind. Matthew has lived with Alex long enough that he understands her views and personality. Alex is frustrated at times, and as a source of comfort and sentimentalism, she reflects on her previous life. I believe Alex is learning to curb her speech, but it is difficult to change a character trait.
The Prodigal Son gave me a view of what life was like for the people of Scotland under the rule of Charles II. His actions against the Presbyterian ministers were cruel and barbaric.