2015's Cloak and Dagger Reading Challenge

I've began thinking about books I want to read in 2015.
Mystery, crime, and thriller books are at the top of my list.
I'm anxious to read Sherlock Holmes books.
My goal is to read ten books (Amelia Peabody) in this challenge.
The first book I plan to read has been in my TBR stack for over a year: Wings of Fire by Charles Todd.
For more information on this challenge: A Bookish Girl.


  1. Hi Annette, I just wanted to stop in and say welcome to the 2015 Cloak & Dagger Reading Challenge we are so glad that you are participating! Great first choice by the way Charles Todd is one of my favorite mystery writers and Inspector Ian Rutledge is even one of our levels for this challenge. Did you read the first book in the series yet, A Test of Wills? Great series hope you enjoy Wings of Fire!

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the original sign-up post has moved to a different web address and can be found here: 2015 Cloak & Dagger Mystery Reading Challenge


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