(Review) Determined: The Story of Holocaust Survivor Avraham Perlmutter by A. Avraham Perlmutter, Ph.D.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Day was on January 27, 2015. This was also the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.
Yom HaShoah, Remembrance Day for Holocaust and Heroism, begins the evening of April 15 and ends the evening of April 16, 2015.
HBO showed a documentary on the Holocaust, January 27. The title of the film is Night Will Fall. I don't have HBO, this is one of those times I wish I did.
For more information on the film-from The Jewish Week. 

Publication Date: December 1, 2014.
Publisher: Mascherato.
Genre: Biography, Holocaust.
Pages: 168.
Source: Free copy from Avraham Perlmutter, Ph.D. in exchange for a review.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

Link @ Amazon: Determined. 

Determined shares a chronicle of the life of Avraham Perlmutter.
Avraham, sister Dorothea, and their parents, lived in Vienna, Austria. Both of Avraham's parents came from Orthodox Jewish parents. In early 1938, the Nazi's took control of Austria. Less than a year later, Avraham and his sister were sent to the Netherlands on a Kindertransport. The title of the book is a perfect one word definition of a self-made, intelligent, savvy man.

My Thoughts:
The first sixty pages are Avraham's early years of life; which, is the story of his experience during the Holocaust. Part two and three of the book is devoted to his life after World War II; the significant events were: Israel, education, marriage, family, and career.
Avraham is a man of bravery, intelligence, wisdom, and hard work. His story is inspiring. His story is engaging. His story is motivating. I have great respect and admiration for Avraham.
I feel this is a perfect book for middle school and high school history classes. Determined teaches a personal story about the Holocaust, World War II, and the statehood of Israel. It also teaches that endurance, perseverance, hard work, and keeping a focus leads to the ability to achieve a successful education and career.
I've read several books (27) on the Holocaust. Determined is not as painful to read as many of the Holocaust memoirs I've read. Yes, fear and trauma is expressed. But, I was not kept awake at night, nor did it grip my heart with anguish. I wonder if the author chose to "take a step-back" so to speak? The closest I saw of his emotions was in reference to his dear mother. In writing his story, I'm sure he had many moments of anguish. Thank you Dr. Avraham Perlmutter for sharing your story.
"The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace." Numbers 6:24-26. ESV.