War and Peace Read-a-Long, Week Two

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Our reading schedule of War and Peace Read-a-Long. 

1) Do you feel that the tone of the novel has changed this week? Has that affected your enjoyment?
The tone of the novel has changed in that book two is (mainly) focused on the war. There is a brief section of romantic moments. 

2) Do you feel comfortable telling other people that you're reading War and Peace? 
I am comfortable talking about any book I read. Most people do not ask, not even my husband. Family rarely asks what I'm reading. On a rare occasion a friend asks what I'm reading. I am the only person in my little world who reads classics, and who reads as many books in a year as I do. I almost scratched that entire paragraph because I feel like I'm bragging. Pardon me if it appears this way. 

3) How do you feel about Helene and Pierre's marriage? Happily ever after or mildly doomed? 

All marriages have a point when reality strikes. War is a big reality check point. I am hoping their "in-love" feelings will develop and grow strong roots of lasting love, faithful love, committed love. 

4) Should Marya have married Anatole or should she have stayed at home with her Father? 
I am relieved she did not agree to marry Anatole. Anatole has shown the kind of person he is and Marya is wise to have passed him by. I do believe she is "selling herself short" but she has low self-worth. I'm hoping as the novel unfolds her character and inner beauty will grow. 

5) Andrey is featured in a lot of the war-related chapters so far. Do you think he'll ever make it to military greatness?
I'm not sure if he will be a military hero. Heroes are not made as if it is a career to attain. Heroes are defined by fulfilling their assigned task, some tasks are small and some are great. 
I do wonder. Why does he want to be a hero? Who is he trying to impress?

This weeks reading was 2 books, I got a little behind. I am caught-up as of today.