War and Peace Read-a-long: Week Four

Week four is over books six and seven.
The questions for this week are:

1) Do you feel that the tone of the novel changed this week? The naivete has gone. In the beginning of War and Peace men and women are in the early stages of pairing off together. It is also the beginning stages of war. Progression of the story shows the reality of life.  

2) Do you think that the story is uniquely Russian, or could it have been set somewhere else?
In reference to European 19th century society (I'm thinking primarily of British, French, Russian) there is a sharp divide between aristocracy and peasants/serfs. I have not seen a middle class. People are either wealthy or poor. I believe this is uniquely Russian. The view of Russia during the Napoleonic Wars is also uniquely Russian. What is not unique is the relationships between men and women. The marriages, affairs, courtship, and break-ups happen in any society or era.  

3) How about Andrey and Natasha's nuptials? Will they ever get married and do you think it will work out? I believe it is a good thing for them to wait. She is a young woman and he an older man. He is more settled, she needs a little time to know her mind. 

4) Could Rostov have done more to help out his parents with their financial situation? No. 

5) How do you feel about the lengthy hunting descriptions? Did you read the whole thing? I speed read the hunting.