War and Peace Read-a-long: Week Three

Week three is over chapters four and five.
Questions for week three:
1. Are you managing to keep all of the characters straight in your head?
Yes, because I take notes. If I did not take notes there would be mass chaos in my head.

2. Have your tactics that we discussed in book one changed since the beginning of the book?
I had gotten behind in reading because the past couple of weeks have including more than one book part to read. As of today I'm caught-up.

3. Awww, poor Pierrre. Do we feel sorry for him or is it his own fault for marrying for lust?
Both of them are contemptible. I like Pierre just a tad more because of his action in book eight. I have found it interesting that Pierre had known his wife since they were children, he even knew of the torrid rumor. But he had not really known her. He had seen what he wanted to see. In his immature thinking, or rather not thinking with his brain and instead reacting to his ego, he chose Ellen to be his wife. On page 226 Pierre's thoughts are described: "Pierre was perfectly sincere in giving an affirmative answer to her questions about Ellen's perfection of manner. If he thought of Ellen, it was either of her beauty that he thought, or of her extraordinary capacity for serene, dignified silence in society." Later, Ellen smiles at him, "Pierre was so used to this smile, it meant so little to him, that he did not even notice it."
Do I feel sorry for Pierre? Sometimes.

4. Do you think Dolokhov will get his comeuppance, not only for sleeping with Helene (Ellen), but for bankrupting Rostov?
He is a terrible person. A scoundrel. Eventually he will get his comeuppance, at this point he is getting some lucky breaks.

5. Who knew the Freemasons were apart of War and Peace? How do you feel about this?
I don't care at this point.

6. Do you think Tolstoy dislikes women as much as he seems to, or is it a form of satire?
I think he sees women in either black or white. Either one extreme or the other.