War and Peace Read-a-Along: Week Seven (Chapters 1-30)

Week seven is over part ten (chapters 1-30) in the book.

1) We seem to have a lot more War and a lot less Peace this week. How are you finding it?
At times the war scenes are too much. War is a horrible thing. It is a long engagement that takes a toll on all of the people involved. However, to write about war, and to read about war, is not anywhere near like experiencing war firsthand. I believe the toll of war, its suffering and consequences is one of the things Tolstoy is trying to show us. 

2) Do you feel you've learned anything about Russia, the Napoleonic Wars or the French Revolution from reading this novel?
Yes, all of the above.
I was not aware of the serious emphasis of religion in Russia. What a significant change when the Revolution came 100 years after the time period of War and Peace? 
I have had a difficult time understanding Napoleon's push to seize Europe. And why the French went a long with this aggressive action.

3) How reasonable do you think Princess Marya was over the death of her father?
She was devastated over his sickness and death. Her world has crumbled, after all what will become of her now? 

4) What exactly was the point in Pierre hurrying off to war? Has anybody actually figured this out!
He did not make a good choice in marriage. Possibly he is a person who does not think fully of things? Possibly he wanted to make a decision that would make him feel admirable. I'm guessing, speculating.