War and Peace Read-a-Long: Week Eight

Week eight is over book ten (chapters 31-39) and book eleven.

1) What's the first thing you're going to read when you've finished War & Peace?
I plan to finish reading Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens. 

2) Do you think the Russians were right in abandoning Moscow or should they have stayed and fought?
I'm not sure what the right answer is, I was not there, I did not go through the fighting that the Russians had endured. This is a question that can be truly answered by those who were there.

3) What about Andrew/Andrey/Whoever? Do you think he's changed as a character?
Yes, he has changed as a character. One of my favorite points in a novel is characters who evolve because of the circumstances in life. To remain the same type of person/the same character, is to have wasted life. 

4) Let's talk dream casting. Which actor/actress would you envision playing Pierre and Natasha if they made a new film version of War & Peace? 

I'm not very good at this sort of thing because I watch little television and I rarely go to the theater. (I hope that didn't seem flippant or arrogant, I just don't watch television often.)
Natasha---Kirsten Dunst
Pierre---Jonathan Rhys Meyers