War and Peace Read-a-Long: Week Eleven

Week 11 is over Books 14 and 15.

1) Do you think the book ended in a funny place or did it seem like a logical place for the story to end?
The story didn't really end because the author wrote two more parts in an epilogue. However, chapter fifteen ends with two women who had been through much in this story moving on with their lives. 

2) How do you see the characters five years on from now? Will everybody get a happy ever after? 
I don't know about happy ever after, but I do see them as moving on from the pain and suffering of war. I do not mean they will not carry with them the memories of what happened, nor miss loved ones who've died. But they move on with life. 

3) Do you think Tolstoy is a biased narrator? If so, in what way?
No I do not. 

4) Are you still enjoying this book or are you honestly just waiting for the damn thing to stop talking?
I finished reading the book on April 16. I'm ready to move on from this chunkster story.