War and Peace Read-a-long: Week Five

Week five is over book/part eight. This is the midpoint of the book.
The questions for this week are:
1) Could the disastrous meeting between Marya and Natasha have gone any other way? Who was to blame?
Marya is sad in regards to her life situation. Her father is the dominant figure. She obeys her father. She wants to be married and is envious of Natasha. Marya is envious of Natasha's youth, as well as the admiration of Andrey. At times, Marya is prideful. She looks down on Natasha. On the other hand, Natasha is not a person who is steadfast or loyal. She is swept away by emotions and passions. She is immature. I don't know who was to blame, a bit of both of them.

2) Everyone seems to be secretly considering Marya for marriage at the moment. Do you think it will ever happen for her? Was Boris right to pick Julie?
I am thankful that I married for love and not money. I don't understand the focus of Boris on marrying a wealthy woman, to me this sets the wrong tone in a marriage. The using of another person for gain. I don't know if Marya will marry, maybe after her father dies (if it happens in this novel.) 

3) There's too much drama with Natasha for me to formulate an all-encompassing question so...I don't know. Discuss.
Natasha is a flibbertigibbet. She is in love with love, but not understand real love. Real love takes time and work. I had expressed Natasha in question number 1. 

4) Lots of characters are being fairly dickish this week. Who wins the prize for the person you'd most like to slap?
Anatole Kuragin. It was right to banish him. He is a scoundrel. A cad.