War and Peace Read-a-Long: Week Six

I had gotten behind. As of today I'm caught up on reading but not in the questions.
I want to take the time to thank Booking In Heels for putting together the read-a-long of War and Peace, thanks so much!

Week six questions are over part nine of the book.

1. Honestly, by this point in the book (55% or so), do you think War and Peace could have been shorter or did it need to be this long?
It is lengthy. I believe if the book had been shorter it might have drawn a larger reading audience, but it would not be an epic. Later in the story I began to understand at least one reason why the book is so long. It gave me a panoramic view of the consequences and aftermath of what war does to both soldiers and civilians. 

2. Do you feel there's been another change in tone? Why do you think Tolstoy keeps doing this? Do you like it?  
One of the things I'm seeing in this part is Napoleon. His persona. His role as warrior chief. The obsessive push to conquer. 
The change in tone is attributed to the suffering of war. War takes a toll on everyone. The people are weary and suffering. 

I'm not sure how to answer this question. Natasha is ill and depressed. 

4. Pierre has convinced himself (via numerology, obviously) that Napoleon is the Antichrist from The Book of Revelation. Is this in character for Pierre? How do you think he'll act on this?
There have been many times in history where people have thought a particular person was the Antichrist. These "Antichrists" are a feared nemesis. For example, Hitler or Stalin. 
Pierre must have forgotten that Christians are to avoid numerology. Instead, pray for our enemies. Pierre's character changes in the book. War does this. I don't know how he will act on this.