Gone With The Wind Read-a-Long

It was just a few weeks ago I finished another lengthy book, War and Peace.
War and Peace has 1,424 pages. Gone With The Wind has 960 pages.
I've seen the movie with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh several times. I have the piano music to the movie. However, I've never read the book. I started to read the book a few years ago and became sidetracked by other things. I'm hoping this is the year to read and finish Gone With The Wind. 
My copy of the book is from Scribner, published 2007.
A Little Journal About Books is the host for the reading challenge.
This is the post for the Discussion Questions. 
This is the link for the post listing all of the posts on the read-a-long thus far. 


  1. I read this book as a teen and was so glad I did it before I watched the movie. Some day I would like to read it again, I think.

  2. Hello! Thanks for leaving a comment. I've known 2 women who when they were young women read the book every year! Eventually they stopped. But they read through the book several times.


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