Gone With The Wind, Read-a-Long, Week Four

Week Four:
"The Book Cover-What are your first impressions as you look at the cover of your copy of Gone With The Wind? Does the book cover have an aspect that reflects the character, setting, or plot of the novel? If you could have designed the book cover what would you have chosen?"

My first thought on the cover of the book is it's a romantic novel. Gone With The Wind has romantic elements, but it is much much more. The cover posted above is the book I own and am reading. I rate the cover a 4. An illustration on the front cover of Tara would please me more. Scarlett is so vividly described in the book that I don't need to see a picture of her on the cover. Tara is portrayed as well, but Tara is home and all that embodies life.
Milford Plantation, link provides attribution. 
Stratford Hall, link provides attribution.