Gone With The Wind Read-a-Long, Week Three

Gone With The Wind film song:

Week Three: 
"The House the Author Built-Choose a setting within Gone With The Wind that most intrigues you. Is it a house? A city? A bit of yard well-described by Margaret Mitchell? What about it intrigues you? Can you see this setting serving a function within the novel? Have you ever been to this setting?"

The setting I've been drawn to is the point where the driveway and the road meet in front of Tara.
I compared pages 44-45 and pages 386-399. I looked for parallelisms and symbolism.
This "resting spot" is under an arch in the cedar trees. From this point, Scarlett has a tunnel view of Tara. Tara is home and it is her greatest love. This is a place where she ponders the things in life she does not understand, it usually marks a place of change, it's a place of waiting, and it's a reminder of what matters most to her. Scarlett is not a deep-thinking person. However, at this vantage perch in the archway of the trees, she relaxes and contemplates life.