Gone With The Wind Read-a-Long, Week Two

In my earlier posts on the Gone With The Wind Read-a-Long, I forgot to mention this book will count towards book challenges.
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I think that covers the challenges.
No pun intended!

As of June 3, I've read through chapter 25. There are 63 chapters.

For your listening pleasure, the Gone With The Wind film theme song:

Week One was on the author, Margaret Mitchell. Link for my post. 

Week Two is on a character:
"Write about a character you find interesting so far in Gone with the Wind. This character doesn't have to be your favorite character. Perhaps your least favorite or a minor one. Can you create a visual description of this character in your own words? Or a description of this character's hopes, wishes, flaws, fears, and strengths? If you have seen the movie version of Gone with the Wind, does the character in the film match the character in the book in your view? If they were going to remake the film today who would you choose to play this character?"

It would be easy to chose Scarlett O'Hara to write about in regards to her character, because she is a strong and robust character. But don't think that I like her! I don't even care about liking her. She is one of those women I avoid because they are superficial. On the other hand, she just might be more complex than I care to admit. She is selfish, needy, vain, arrogant, unloving, non-maternal (to the point of abuse.) But I'm also seeing a tiny thread of transformation in her character. Enough about Scarlett, I'd rather elaborate on her mother Ellen.

What stands out to me the most in Ellen and Scarlett is their polar opposite natures.
Scarlett is all about herself. Ellen is all about other people.  
Scarlett is brazen, calculating, defiant. Ellen is humble, gracious, lady-like.
Scarlett is non-maternal. Ellen is maternal.
Scarlett is mouthy and emotional driven. Ellen is unassuming and wise.

I love strong characters in stories. I always have. I don't have to like them. I don't like Scarlett. But I do find her interesting. Without Ellen's opposite character, I don't think Scarlett would be as defined. In addition, I don't believe it is enough to have secondary characters react to the "naughty" main character, but to have a secondary character who is opposite in nature, makes the story dimensional, complex, and engaging.

While reading Gone With The Wind, I thought about how well Vivian Leigh portrayed Scarlett. She was a perfect actor for the role. I feel the same way about Clark Gable portraying Rhett Butler.
I cannot picture in my mind any current actors doing justice to the roles. I'm afraid if there was a sequel or remake, people would spend time comparing the films and actors.