(Review) The Making Of A Marchioness by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Publication Date: December 31, 2009. First published 1901.
Publisher: Persephone Books, classic edition.
Genre: Fiction.
Pages: 308.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 2 stars for okay.

Frances Hodgson Burnett 1849-1924.
Author of The Secret Garden, The Little Princess, The Lost Prince, and Little Lord Fauntleroy. Burnett wrote a total of 22 works of fiction and 18 short stories.
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Miss Emily Fox-Seton is an unmarried 34 year old woman living in London.
The time period is the Edwardian era, 1901-1910.
She is a loving and kind person. Her interests are for the benefit of others. She is proper, innocent, naive, gracious, and lady-like.
A benefactor provides a small income. Emily creates a life with gratitude and joy.
She is well-liked by all who know her.
Wealthy Lord Walderhurst is impressed with her reputation and bearing.
The Making Of A Marchioness is a two part story. The first part is Emily's life pre-Lord Walderhurst.
The second part is her dramatic change in life, as well as a revenge/light Gothic story-line.

My Thoughts:
The Making Of A Marchioness is a story that must be reviewed with an important focus on its time period. The era is the Edwardian era. The culture and society of this period is that women were to be innocent, lady-like, and look beautiful. Women were not independent creatures. Few women had careers outside the home. To marry well and have children was expected. Reading this story in 2015, can become tiresome with my expectations of how women act in my modern time period.
However, I did not care for the story. It is an okay story, but not good or great. It is an innocent story, and on this note I don't have a problem. What I do not like, is the story is not developed, it is picked at lightly. Reminds me a little of a child who picks at their food, moving a little bit here and there, but never really "tasting" anything.