(Review) Legacy: The Acclaimed Novel Of Elizabeth, England's Most Passionate Queen-And The Three Men Who Loved Her by Susan Kay

Publication Date: July 1, 2010.
Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark 2010.
Genre: Historical fiction, Elizabeth I.
Pages: 649.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.

Legacy is a historical fiction account of the life of Elizabeth I. From the beginnings of her parents relationship and her mother's execution, to Elizabeth's dismal childhood, and to her coronation and reign as Elizabeth I.
Legacy's intention is to portray a dimensional Elizabeth. A strong-willed and defiant personality, a passionate person, a desire to love and be loved, shrewd and resilient, savvy and intelligent.
Elizabeth's relationships are a heavy element in Legacy. The work is historical fiction, and the fictional account of her love life is it's strongest point.

My Thoughts:
From the start, I was drawn into the first scene with Elizabeth and an enormous large rat. They are both housed in the Tower during Mary Tudor's reign. I believe the scene was symbolic for Elizabeth's life, a determination to not be afraid, no matter the enormity of a situation. Elizabeth's personality and the experiences she lived through carved a dominant person.
There are several points that led me to give Legacy 5 stars for excellent.

  • An engaging story. 
  • Intense, vibrant, passionate personality traits and emotions from the characters.
  • A mystery revealed.
  • Revealed sacrifices Elizabeth made for the sake of the throne. 
  • Internal struggles in the characters lives.
  • A realistic creation of Elizabeth. Before my eyes she lived and breathed from the first page.