(Review) Sons Of The Wolf by Paula Lofting

Publication Date: August 1, 2012.
Publisher: SilverWood Books
Genre: Historical fiction, Anglo-Saxon, Middle Ages, England.
Pages: 396.
Source: Won through a giveaway from the author.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent.


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In 1054, during the reign of King Edward, a thegn named Wulfhere lives with his family at Horstede, Sussex, England. His trusted servant is Esegar. When the story begins, Wulfhere and Esegar have returned to Horstede from a long campaign. Wulfhere is greeted by his children and wife. It is apparent the couple has had serious problems and both of them are apprehensive of their reunion. Wulfhere's children have grown since his departure, his eldest daughter Freyda is of marriageable age.
Sons Of The Wolf is the chronicle of a family during the years before the Norman conquest and William the Conqueror's reign.

My Thoughts:
What I love most about Sons Of The Wolf is the dynamics of Wulfhere's family. The marriage of Wulfhere and Ealdgytha is complex and complicated. They are the parents of several children, they have servants, Wulfhere is often away on campaign and Ealdgytha is left responsible; intermingled in this is Wulfhere's extra activity, which causes divisive feelings between the couple. Lofting has shown me through their marriage and personalities a dimensional view of the couple. I am shown positive and negative character traits. I am shown reactions to choices. I am shown their internal conflicts and external battles. The weaving of their story throughout the book is one of the top elements that kept me reading. It is easy to like or dislike characters because of their personalities or conduct. However, I never felt a need to take sides, but felt an immediate pull for both characters.
A second point I loved about Sons Of The Wolf is the history of the how the people lived during this era. From the homes they lived in, to the duties of wives and servants, the responsibilities of a thegn, the culture and customs of the people, and the campaign battles that were fought.
I've grown attached to Wulfhere's family and look forward to reading the sequel The Wolf Banner Rises.