(Review) The Days of Abandonment by Elena Ferrante

Publication Date: 2015. First published 2002.
Publisher: Europa editions.
Genre: Women's fiction, marriage, family.
Pages: 192.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

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In the inside front cover of the book, there is little information given for the synopsis. I hate to give away the reasons behind the main character Olga's emotional breakdown.
Olga is a homemaker and mother. Her husband is Mario. They have two children, Gianni and Ilaria. Olga is 38. She has given all her time, attention, emotions, dreams, focus, and independence to her husband and family.
One day her husband drops a bomb, and then leaves Olga to assess and triage the damage.

My Thoughts:
I read The Days of Abandonment in one day, yesterday. I was not able to lay the book down.
I can relate to Olga, I've been in the same situation. Her emotions, thoughts, day dreams, and physical responses are exact. I felt Ferrante was able to capture a woman torn in two by betrayal and a significant life change.
The Days of Abandonment is a hard read for anyone already depressed. Be advised the book is an emotional roller-coaster.
The story shows the stages of grief by Olga's portrayal.
The story is passionate, raw, transparent, ugly; nevertheless, there are beautiful moments (a few.)
I believe the book is written for a female audience. However, there are male readers who enjoy female stories.