(Review) A Rose for the Crown by Anne Easter Smith

Publication Date: March 2006.
Publisher: Touchstone
Genre: Historical fiction.
Pages: 672.
Source: Self-purchase.
Rating: 4 stars for very good.

Chapter one begins in Kent, England, 1459.
As a young girl Kate Bywood is sent to live in the Haute household. It is a wonderful opportunity for a peasant girl.
Her new station in life led to two marriage arrangements, but they are not pleasant experiences. Her great love is with Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and their love affair is the focus of A Rose for the Crown.

My Thoughts:
Three points to have knowledge of before reading this story:
1.  A Rose for the Crown is not a historical purist novel.
2. A Rose for the Crown is pro Richard III.
3. A Rose for the Crown is a romance novel. The focus is on the love affair of Richard and Kate.

Reasons why I gave this story 4 stars for very good.

  1. I loved the perspective of Richard through Kate's eyes. However, she is biased, as men and women tend to be when they are in love. 
  2. The story is tender, sensual, romantic, sweet, and loving. 
  3. Their love showed loyalty. Loyalty despite their stations in life and the temptation to betray.
  4. Their love developed and strengthened past the point of the sensual part of the affair. They sought the best for each other, they were forgiving, and they remained steadfast. 
  5. Kate is a sweet and gentle character. It is easy to become bored with a sugary sweet character. I felt a strong investment in her story. I knew what became of Richard III. I knew what became of Anne, the daughter of Richard Neville, 1st Earl of Warwick. I knew the story had a unhappy ending for many of the historical characters, but I needed to know what would become of Kate. 
  6. The cruelty of war and executions of this era is shown. This was a harsh period, but Richard and Kate's love affair was their refuge.