(Review) Bloodline, Wars of the Roses Book #3 by Conn Iggulden

Publication Date: July 19, 2016
Publisher: G.P. Putnam's Sons-Penguin 
Genre: Historical fiction, The Wars of the Roses, Edward IV
Pages: 432
Source: Free copy from G.P Putnam's Sons in exchange for a review.
Rating: 5 stars for excellent

Link for more info @ the publisher: Penguin. 


Edward of York had declared himself king of England in early March 1461. The Towton battle was in late March. The Battle of Towton was a Yorkist victory. Margaret of Anjou and her Lancaster army had been defeated. The previous King, pious Henry, is not capable of leadership and war. Henry is interested in confession of sin and prayer. Henry's wife, Margaret, is a woman of action. She does not sit idle waiting for her family to crumble. Bloodline, follows the period after Edward of York becomes Edward IV of England. The book examines his marriage, the Earl of Warwick's shock and counter maneuver at Edward's independence, and the rise of the Woodville family.

My Thoughts: 
Several reasons led me to give Bloodline 5 stars for excellent:

  • Marvelous scene descriptions. 
  • Preparation and the act of battle itself. This includes the weapons used, the various combat roles, injuries, and the madness of war. 
  • Elizabeth of Woodville's womanly charms to redirect or entice Edward IV. He is a man of strength; however, she "knows" how to seduce him to her will. This point I found interesting because of the strong characters of these two people. I felt like a fly-on-the-wall hovering over their conversations. I found it fascinating to pick apart their psyche. 
  • This is one of the first books on this subject where I actually felt sorry for Warwick. Iggulden digs deep into his characters composition in order to show the reader various aspects of their personalities and their reasoning behind choices.