(Review) Villette by Charlotte Bronte

Publication Date: 1986, originally published 1853
Publisher: Bantam Books
Genre: Fiction
Edition: Paperback
Source: Self-purchase
Rating: Very good

Lucy Snowe is a young English woman living in a French boarding school and working as a teacher. The boarding school is in the town of Villette.
The novel is strong in the conversations and thoughts from Lucy. She is the narrator of the story, and several times she breaks to have a conversation with the reader.
Lucy is intelligent, observant, trustworthy, serious, shrewd, and absolutely no pretentions of any kind; and she is a character I can imagine having as a friend.
A conflict in the story is Lucy is in love with a man who is not in love with her. I felt sorrow for her situation.
At the beginning of the story, I had a difficult time becoming apart of the story. About mid-point, I finally felt wrapped up in the story. I think Lucy is a character who is stoic. I stopped feeling as if I was waiting on her to have a meltdown, and instead settled back in to observing her life through her perspective.

One of my favorite points in the story is Lucy's observations of another woman.
The grace and mind of Paulina charmed these thoughtful Frenchmen: the fineness of her beauty, the soft courtesy of her manner, her immature, but real and inbred tact, pleased their national taste; they clustered about her, not indeed to talk science, which would have rendered her dumb, but to touch on many subjects in letters, in arts, in actual life, on which it appeared that she had both read and reflected.


  1. Your review makes this novel sound so interesting. I recently picked this book up at a used book store and I'm really looking forward to reading it soon!


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