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I have moved my book reviews over to a WordPress blog. Please visit me @

Welcome to Impressions In Ink. This is a book review blog. I have two book review blogs. Impressions In Ink is reviews of the following types of books: mystery, suspense, thriller, classics, poetry, historical fiction, British history non-fiction, American history non-fiction, Shakespeare plays and tragedies, psychology and mental health, young adult, children, fantasy fiction, military, Holocaust, spy, espionage, and occasional animal stories. 
I have another blog that is Christian book reviews, both fiction and non-fiction. However, I read and review more Christian non-fiction. The name of the blog is A Well-Watered Garden. 
In order to contact me to review a book, my email is

I rarely read and review a book that is 2 stars. I read a few 3 star books. I read more 4 and 5 star books. If the book I'm reading is 1 star, then I do not finish the book and a review is not possible. 
My rating system is as follows:
5 Stars for excellent or near perfect. 
4 Stars for very good.
3 Stars for good.
2 Stars for okay/barely passing. 
1 Star for poor. 

FTC Guidelines: Require a message that is easy to find and understand on each post. I must state the source of where I received a book for free. Writing book reviews is a free service. I am compensated only by a free copy of a book.
Clarification written March 2013 from Digital Media Law Project. 

Photographs and illustrations are from Photobucket, Pixabay, Wikipedia, Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts, and from my own camera. 
I make every effort to attribute when necessary. 
This blog is a not for profit book review blog. 
Thank you. 


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